“Daddy Is OK” is what I find myself telling my children when the depression rears its ugly head. Daddy is sick and daddy goes to the doctor a lot. Daddy is grouchy and daddy is tired. Daddy doesn’t feel very good, but daddy is OK.

I find writing to be very therapeutic for me. As a stay-at-home father, I sometimes feel cut off from the world. Being clinically depressed, I sometimes feel cut off from the world. Put them together, and I sometimes feel really cut off from the world. Writing about what is happening is my substitute for actual interaction with other adult humans.

I will write about my experiences. I will share articles that I think are particularly helpful. I might even brag once in a while about my children, who are, of course, the greatest in the whole world. I will almost assuredly go off on tangents, but I hope it all helps to serve the purpose: to help others in similar situations.

Sadly, I will probably post more questions than answers. Maybe you’ll post an answer, or maybe you’ll post a different question that I can answer. Maybe together we’ll come up with an answer.

I will seek a voice that works for me and that works for you as well. I’m sure that voice will evolve as this continues. I welcome your input.

I will occasionally include links to things that may generate income for me. Clicking on those links will help me pay for web hosting and whatnot. Trust me, I’m not getting rich from this. I will do my best to keep these things on-topic and unobtrusive.

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  1. Your story sounds a lot like mine, though my kids are grown and gone. I’ve had “stress” all of my life but I’ve only been recently diagnosed and put on medication.

    I look forward to your insights.

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